How the Process Works

If your manufacturing company could benefit from increased automation and improved processes, Akeratos may be able to recommend a solution we have previously developed or create a custom solution to meet your needs. Once you contact Akeratos, we will follow our proven process detailed below.

  • 1. Gain Understanding

    Our team will spend time learning your process and discussing the goals you want to accomplish with automation. It is important that we get an understanding of what you are doing and what you want to change.

  • 2. Collaborate

    Our collaboration will include a deeper dive to best understand the nuances in your process and how to best deploy the automation solution and/or product for you.

  • 3. Present Proposal

    Once we get to know you and the process, we will provide a proposed solution with a scope of the project, including a budget and timeline. Upon agreement of scope with the project budget and timeline, we will get started!

  • 4. Deploy Solution

    With a detailed plan firmly in place, we will work to turn the plan into a reality. At Akeratos, we understand that a smooth deployment is critical to the success of the process.

Featured Solutions

The highly experienced and uniquely qualified team at Akeratos has developed a variety of solutions to meet the needs of clients within the manufacturing industry. We invite you to learn more about some of our featured solutions.

Akeratos LLC Automation Consulting Vision System For Parts Identification
Automation Project Example

Vision System for Parts Identification

In the parts manufacturing industry, one misidentified part can have many far-reaching consequences that come at a steep cost for both the manufacturer and its customers. Therefore, Akeratos has helped to create an automated vision system that drastically reduces the potential for human error by utilizing a camera and computer software to inspect and identify each part. Contact us about utilizing a vision system in your manufacturing facility! 

Akeratos LLC Automation Consulting Custom Robotics Cell For Automation
Automation Project Example

Custom Robotics Cell for Automation

For manufacturers who produce high-mix, low-volume parts, robotics applications can be a challenge. However, Akeratos has helped to develop a robotic cell capable of running 300 different part members on a single program while performing up to 12 different jobs without human interference. Not only does this offer a seamless transition between jobs, but it also reduces the amount of production time required for each part. Contact us about creating a custom robotic cell for your manufacturing facility! 

Akeratos LLC Automation Consulting Device For Lifting Raw Material
Automation Product Example

Device for Lifting Raw Material

Do your employees regularly need to move heavy raw materials? Tongs are limited in their abilities, and vacuum lift machines lack ease-of-use, portability, safety and affordability. Akeratos has created an easy-to-use, safe and cost-effective device used by machine shops, horizontal machine centers and palletized machines. The Uplift Levi-Load connects to a crane then allows just one person to quickly, easily and safely move heavy raw material from a horizontal position to a vertical position before loading onto a machine. Visit the website to learn more or place an order!

What Clients Are Saying

“The Uplift Levi-Load is a great product for a great price and is making a big difference in productivity when loading our machines. It helps solve clearance issues we had with other tong-style devices and holds material in the middle, allowing us to load closer to the machine.”

- Akeratos Client

"We were very happy with the work Joel and Zach accomplished, and I would recommend them to anyone for automation integration. They handled all we could throw at them and still provided us with a successful test in the end."

- Clint, Akeratos Client

Who We Are

Akeratos is an automation consulting firm that was formed in 2019 to increase automation and improve processes. The three co-founders have extensive experience in the manufacturing industry and work closely with automation engineering experts to create innovative solutions for our clients.

Automation Consulting David May
David May
President and Co-founder

David May

President and Co-founder

“Akeratos was born out of a manufacturer’s need to provide a more tailored integration package from a manufacturer’s perspective. Our experience started with manufacturing and not robotics, so we can appreciate the needs of someone new to automation and help them on their journey.”

David May began working in the aerospace manufacturing industry in 1997 and has enjoyed more than 25 years working in a manufacturing plant. Each day, the potential for problem-solving, process improvement and collaboration gives him continued energy in his work, and he is constantly excited to witness the production improvement.

Previously, David started his career as a parts expeditor at Cessna Aircraft before working his way into the strategic supply chain, where he had the opportunity to visit more than 250 different manufacturing plants across North America. This experience ignited an interest in the shop floor and small business, propelling him to join a privately held machine shop after 10 years at Cessna Aircraft. There, he helped grow the business from $12 million in revenue to a company of more than $40 million before eventually leaving to purchase Trinity Precision. There, he increased revenue by a factor of four in only five years through new technology, data systems, and process automation.

David later founded Akeratos in 2020 after his team observed the need to address several critical issues identified in integrating robotics into the manufacturing process. In his current role, David helps develop and support strategic direction for the company, assists customers in developing their automation strategy, and oversees the internal communication plan and deployment of the automation process. In his position, he has supported the development of the vision system used for inspection of close tolerance parts with little variation, a project that has eliminated all part marketing areas for part families with minimal variation between configurations.

Automation Consulting Chris VanNover
Chris VanNover
Vice President and Co-founder

Chris VanNover

Vice President and Co-founder

“I enjoy working at Akeratos because I can help solve problems and use automation in areas where it once was not possible.”

With more than 25 years of industry experience, Chris VanNover serves as our vice president of operations at Akeratos, where he oversees the project team and helps solve problems using automation. He first began his career as a CNC machinist and has held the positions of floor lead, shop foreman, and vice president of operations.

Each day, he enjoys working with his hands to create innovations, solve problems, and deploy automaton projects in the machine shop environment. Recently, Chris assisted with creating a machine tending cell that increased the open capacity of a specific machine by over 50 percent. Additionally, the automation cell helped create a predictable and stable run time while allowing the machine to function while unattended.

Automation Consulting Steve Ford
Steve Ford
CFO and Co-founder

Steve Ford

CFO and Co-founder

“Akeratos represents the opportunity to work on the front edge of manufacturing technology, including robotics and artificial intelligence. Participating in the advancement of both new and existing technologies offers exciting challenges and the satisfaction of contributing to the betterment of manufacturing.”

Steve Ford serves as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at Akeratos, where he oversees all finance and accounting functions within the company. He joined the team with a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and Accounting from Kansas State University, a Master’s of Business Administration from Kansas State University, and 28 years of experience in precision machining manufacturing. Prior to the past 15 years working in the aerospace industry, he spent 14 years in the oil and gas industry.

In addition to serving as the CFO of Akeratos, he serves as the CFO of Trinity Precision, a progressive, results-oriented company that embraces the use of leading-edge technologies. At Trinity Precision, his contributions have led to an expanding focus on robotics as well as other automation technologies to leverage productivity and quality both to the benefit of Trinity Precision and its customers.

Steve was initially drawn to the industry because of the ability of manufacturing to solve a specific problem and offer an economic benefit to society. By involving individuals who are intimate with a problem and soliciting their input and ideas, his team has had success developing a practical and effective solution to a problem at hand—the Uplift Levi-Load.

Automation Consulting Joel Koripalli
Joel Koripalli
Automation Engineer

Joel Koripalli

Automation Engineer

“Akeratos is a company with good leadership and a team filled with smart and patient people who love to solve problems creatively. I enjoy taking on new challenges with the support of a good team, and Akeratos allows me to understand and learn through challenging situations while supporting me with the resources needed.”

Joel Koripalli joined Akeratos with a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Wichita State University and valuable industry experience. He has always been keen on problem-solving and has a strong sense of analytical thinking, which is why he enjoys streamlining processes through automation.

Joel worked through Akeratos as a mechanical engineer contracted to Trinity Precision, integrating and programming a collaborative robot while developing a user-friendly program to run more than 300 different part numbers on a single machine cell. After two years of hard work, the ever-evolving machine robotics cell can successfully run 12 different jobs and accommodate job transitioning without operator interference to reduce the physical demand of manually loading parts and materials.

Today, he serves as an automation engineer to help customers understand, analyze, and develop automated solutions for problems in the workplace using a collaborative robot. He also tests and develops improvement solutions and maintains excellent relationships with our customers to continue expanding our capabilities.

Automation Engineer Logan Montes
Logan Montes
Automation Engineer

Logan Montes

Automation Engineer

“Akeratos feels like possibility without borders. Backed by a team of big-hearted individuals who are changing the standard for how business is done, Akeratos truly puts people first and brings out the best in everyone. I’m always eager to learn more, and this is the perfect place to do it.”

Logan Montes began his career in the manufacturing industry as a CNC machinist and enjoyed it from day one. His love for the job propelled him forward, rapidly learning and growing to become a CNC programmer and prototype specialist. He later served as a pre-production supervisor over programming, quoting, inventory and prototyping.

When Logan interviewed with Akeratos in 2023, he sensed that “they saw something in me that I longed to see in myself, but just needed the chance to prove it.” He has taken that chance and run with it, fueled by a passion to conceptualize and design ways to automate everyday processes. Logan’s role as an automation engineer gives him the opportunity to carry out this passion every day.

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