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Providing Local Expertise: Akeratos LLC Becomes a Certified Systems Integrator for Universal Robots

In late 2019, our team at Akeratos LLC launched its first efforts toward process improvement with a machine shop robotics cell. Today, our original idea has evolved into a much larger endeavor than ever imagined, with a continued focus on constant improvement, problem-solving, and streamlined operations. Find out how our team is continuing to bring expertise locally by becoming a Certified Systems Integrator for Universal Robots in Wichita, Kansas. Learn more about the prestigious certification below!

Becoming a Certified Systems Integrator

Joel Koripalli, an automation engineer at Akeratos, has dedicated his time to integrating and programming a collaborative robot while developing a user-friendly program to run more than 300 different part numbers on a single machine cell. Through his years of work on developing a robotics cell, Joel was required to attend extensive training to understand best how to operate and program the robot. After successfully automating the machine tending application and writing exclusive programming for the robot, our team at Akeratos wanted to find a way to help share our expertise with other local companies. Becoming a Certified Systems Integrator with Universal Robots has allowed us to do so at a local level. Today, Joel’s position as an automation engineer allows him help customers understand, analyze, and develop automated solutions for problems in the workplace using a collaborative robot.

Fulfilling Automation Needs

Universal Robots is an organization dedicated to developing industrial collaborative robots to automate and streamline repetitive industrial processes. Not only do they offer an industry-recognized certification through world-class learning and resources, but they encourage bringing expertise locally, as those certified can continue to partner with outside manufacturing companies in their automation journeys. With this prestigious certification, Akeratos can partner with manufacturing companies in their automation journeys, providing automation consulting and simple yet effective solutions to improve processes. If your manufacturing company could benefit from increased automation and improved processes, Akeratos may be able to recommend a solution we have previously developed or create a custom solution to meet your needs. From full integration of a turnkey solution to assisting with a specific part of a project, our experts are flexible with their offerings and are ready to help where applicable.

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    “Becoming a Certified Systems Integrator allows us to further provide local expertise for Universal Robots in Wichita. At Akeratos, we specialize in machine tending with robots, and with this new certification, we can represent local companies. Some customers have already purchased a robot to do the integration themselves but may need assistance or help from someone certified to aid in a specific process. This is where our team comes in.”

    – Joel Koripalli, Automation Engineer